• Tiffany Lester

The Vision, among other things.

I’m eager to get back on the blogging horse again after a long period of simply being lost for words after my life partner was diagnosed with stage II ovarian cancer in the fall of 2016. Since then life has been nothing short of scary and surprisingly wonderful. Our partnership evolved into a blessing and a magical tool to recovery (for both of us) as we lift one another up and provide constant support and reminders of hope. Life hasn’t been the same since and the spiritual part of myself hopes it never will. I learned to zoom out and look at my life in a neutral and caring way as though I was just watching it play silently on a projector screen. No judgement. No resentment.

It may seem odd to digress to a conversation about decorating after such deep philosophical moment but it’s those moments of quiet reflection that is akin to creating a vision for a design concept. The interesting part is, which is totally parallel to how we should view our personal lives, you have to envision what you want in order for it to come to fruition. That’s where I come in. When I meet clients for a consultation we talk, get to know each other, and the story starts to play on the projector screen. I see it but you may be too busy thinking of grocery lists, and soccer camp, and what time it is because you are certain you have another meeting today but you can’t remember what time. Don’t worry, i’m not offended at all. If the image was that clear in your mind you likely wouldn’t need me and I am so glad that you do.

Here’s how it all plays out.

The Inspiration

Photo by Jennifer Worts Design. See more transitional kitchen designs

I’m currently working on a kitchen re & re for repeat clients that have been an absolute pleasure to work with. They are open to new ideas and their primary goal for the kitchen is to be stylish and timeless. Lets go back to the trends of 2016 where two-toned cabinets took centre stage. It seems this trend is fading away and not because the masses have stopped applying the trend. It’s really because, from a fashion forward design perspective, its boring. But how do we design kitchens that are timeless and fashion forward all at the same time? First of all, white kitchens will always be a classic palette but in order to create drama and interest we have to add subtle and unexpected design elements that don’t overpower the classic approach. The addition of crisp, bold, black trimmed glass cabinets is one way to do this. Don’t overdo it by adding too much black or the impact will be much less successful.

The Principles and Elements of Design

Photo by Cornerstone Architects. See more transitional kitchen designs

The Houzz Interior Design trends of 2018 suggests that adding colour to kitchens is where it’s at! I’m an east coaster so splashes of sea salt and kelp infused tile would be my jumping off point juxtaposed with crisp black and warm woods (see image below). This is not about me though. Colour can be scary for most clients and in particular when applied to semi-permeant finishes (Items like ceramic tile and cabinetry are finishes that I call semi-permeant).

Photo by Newton Kitchens & Design. See more modern spaces designs

In order to balance the classic white cabinetry without adding colour, we’re going to bring in some warm woods. There are some structural support beams in the kitchen that we will clad with reclaimed wood to introduce a natural texture and accent the existing architectural features of the home.

Above – The Kitchen before had an awkward L-shaped island with a narrow arm for the sink and dishwasher and a bar height extension for a seating area. This configuration left a large empty space in the middle of the kitchen where a larger island will be located. 

The Image Board

This is really the finial step of creating The Vision for a design concept. It’s a much needed visual for clients to see the more specific selections for the space. Upon approval of these products we start the ordering process! This project will be underway in the early summer 2018 so stay tuned for the final product.


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